Quilt My Tops Pantograph Quilting Service

Dear New Quilt Top Customer,

We have received many requests over the years asking us if we quilt tops. Our response has always been that we were way to busy with our t-shirt quilt business to be able to fit in quilt tops. Over the past few weeks, during this Covid-19 outbreak we are searching for ways to keep our helpers working.  One of the ways we have decided to go is to once again quilt tops for customers.

I am not new to the quilting industry. Personally, I have quilted dozens of tops for myself and friends over the years. My first computerized quilting systems were purchased back in the early 2000’s. Over the years I developed designs for these systems that are still on the market today. My husband and I have installed many, many of these systems all over US and Canada and I have always remained in touch with the pulse of this industry. While I don’t currently have access to many of the quilts I’ve quilted lately (given way), The few on this site, hopefully show how we intend to maintain the same quality for quilt tops that we are known for with our t-shirt quilts. To date we have quilted well over 7,000 quilts since 2001. We have two computerized systems so you can be assured your panto’s will be stitched to perfection.

We look forward to serving you with all your quilting needs during this outbreak and also in the years to come.

Linda Lawson
co-owner QuiltMyShirts.com