Covid-19 UPDATE:  Even though NC is currently experiencing a “stay at home” order,  we are still able to continue to get quilts made during this time.  We also have extended our PreGrad 10% discount (excludes options) until April 30th.   Please enter promo code PREGRAD20 while ordering.  Our prayer is for all to stay healthy as we all navigate our way during this pandemic. 

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  • " I am SPEECHLESS! I absolutely LOVE it! "

    I just wanted to let you know that I received my quilt today and I am SPEECHLESS!   I absolutely LOVE it!  The color of fabric you chose between the squares is perfect! You have no idea how much this quilt means to me/us, as this was made from clothing items (ski t-shirts) from my Dad who passed of Pancreatic cancer. The quilt is for my son (it’s a surprise) who used to ski with him often.  The photo square of the two of them made the quilt even more special.  I know you do hundreds of quilts, but I just want you to know this is THE PERFECT quilt to memorialize my Dad and I can’t wait to give it to my son (he’s a 34 yr old San Francisco fireman) on his birthday, I know it will touch his heart as it has ours.  Thank you Linda, you and your quilting team are absolutely FABULOUS!
    Karen L……..
    Cannon Beach, OR
  • Thank you again for the excellent quality and craftsmanship!

    Dear Linda and Company,
    Sorry it took so long to write this. Just wanted to take a moment and say how fantastic your work is! It is even better than I imagined. As a lifelong comic book fan and collector, I was really excited to try something new with my recycled comic book t-shirts - and this was just stunning! This quilt is a beautiful piece of comic book art, securely and professionally pieced and stitched by your high standards. I can't help but stop and look at it every time I pass it now lol I have shown all of my family and friends, shared photos. Everyone loves your work! I also wanted to ask if you might want to use some of my photos on your website? I just think it's one of the most colorful and vibrant quilts I have ever seen.
    Thank you again for the excellent quality and craftsmanship!
    Michael Rhodes

  • " The quilt is magnificent "

    The quilt is magnificent. Originally I thought I was going a bit crazy ordering what I thought was an extremely expensive item; now between tears I thank you for creating something that will memorialize my husband for future generations. Originally I thought I might be able to design the layout but I can only thank God that I put it entirely in your hands. I cannot imagine the amount of time it took to do such a balanced layout. The meticulous detail in every inch of the quilt is amazing. The placement of my husband's name with rank and department shield is perfect.

    I had planned on giving this to my son for my grandsons but know I need to keep it for awhile. It brings back so many cherished memories of the many years we spent together. Please extend to every member of your staff my appreciation for a job done to perfection. You all will always be in my prayers. Thank you truly for the amazing gift of comfort you have provided.

    Margaret Reiber

    Margaret Reiber
  • " You (your company) did a wonderful job and it so exceeded my expectations. "

     Our quilt arrived and it took my breath away! You (your company) did a wonderful job and it so exceeded my expectations. I really didn’t know what to expect exactly but I was a bit nervous. But we are soooo happy with it that we have already told a number of people about it and are showing it off every chance we get. Thank you so much for your great work! It will preserve so many memories for us and make us smile every time we look at it.
  • " couldn’t be more happy with it "

    ...  received the quilt a few weeks ago. I just wanted to let you know it turned out WONDERFUL, i couldn’t be more happy with it. Wish I could give it to my mom now, but I must be patient for Christmas. I apologize it took me so long to let you know.Thanks again and have a great day!
    Kelsey Sweeney

  • " You have far exceeded my expectations! "

    You have far exceeded my expectations!
    I am not a big fan of quilts but to have one that tells a part of my story is something very special.
    I sent you 16 old race T shirts, that I didn't even wear and you have created something that looks amazing and I will actually use! Thank you!!
    Warm regards,
    Virginia Dolan

  • " The Gaston Day School Quilt was incredible! "

    The Gaston Day School Quilt was incredible! We sold it at auction for $975.00! Many people have asked us to raffle another quilt, so the Parents Association is back. I am planning to send you another assortment of T-shirts. Several have front and back panels. We will also have several with logos only. We are confident that you know exactly what to do.Thanks again,

    Nancy Evans

  • " So professional, so perfect….absolutely incredible."

    OMG this was amazing!  I love, love, love it!  So professional, so perfect….absolutely incredible.  I’m never 100% sure when it comes to the Internet.   I just took a chance and I couldn’t be happier.  I have another box of t-shirts ready to get on its way to you.  Just….WOW.  Thank you so much!  I’m telling all my friends.  I’ve already showed everyone!  I know of 3 more coming your way after seeing mine.  Kudos to you!
    Medford, OR
  • "…he was blown away and thought it was the coolest gift ever! "

    Just gave our son his quilt yesterday for his 19th birthday…he was blown away and thought it was the coolest gift ever! He can’t wait to display it in his new (on campus) apartment at LSU next fall! Other parents are raving over the pictures I’m posting everywhere of it, so more business may be coming your way
    Thanks for a well-made, lifelong gift. You guys did an amazing job with it!!
    Missy O.
  • " I received my quilts and they are amazing "

    I received my quilts and they are amazing.  Thank you so much for all of your hard work!  All of my friends love them and you will probably be getting some from friends and family of mine soon!
    Thank you,
    Alissa D.
  • " We were so delighted to see the finished product "

    The quilt arrived yesterday, but we didn’t have a chance to open it until last night. We were so delighted to see the finished product – it’s beautiful. The colors and patterns you chose are so Heather. We know she will cherish this quilt forever. Thanks again and be sure to include us on your most satisfied customer list.  Bob and Sue Harvey

  • " I can’t thank you enough! "

    WOW! Linda, I can’t thank you enough! You turned around my quilt so fast, and the quality is exceptional. Thank you!  Also, thanks so much for taking the time to embroider on the last square- it made everything so much easier…Thanks again.Best,


  • " You do excellent work, worth the money in every way. "

    I coached summer swim for 15 years. I was sad to give it up, so many great memories. I sent my coaching shirts to you along with team tee shirts and had no idea what to expect. When I opened the box I was taken aback by the beautiful work. The quilt is so incredible. The layout of the shirts and the colors you chose along with the border color are remarkable. I never expected the quilt to be so amazing. The quality of the workmanship is perfect. You do excellent work, worth the money in every way.

  • " It is gorgeous beyond belief and worth every penny! .... I am so stunned by how fabulous it looks "

    Dear Linda and Staff,

    My NWFolklife Festival T-Shirt Quilt arrived today. It is gorgeous beyond belief and worth every penny! The NWFolklife Festival, taking place over Memorial Day weekend in Seattle, WA, is the largest donation-driven, multicultural festival of its kind in the USA. It is music,dance, and food, and crafts from all over the world and the US. I have been volunteering as a fund raiser with it for the past 24 years. The T shirt designs are by local students and artists. The festival is my Christmas in May, and not to be missed.

    As you can imagine, this quilt means the world to me. I am so stunned by how fabulous it looks, I had to write to you immediately and tell you. I am so glad I made the decision to get it made with your company!

    Seattle, WA

  • " The positive testimonials were all TRUE !"

    I want to let you all know that the US Navy SeaBee shirt quilt you made was a big hit. Leslie has it on her lap almost every day. I was impressed with how it came out - the positive testimonials were all TRUE! I expect to have another done some day (probably Boston Red Sox shirts or Matt Kenseth NASCAR shirts). I have shown it to everyone I know and gave your info to all interested parties.

    Christopher Fleury

  • " It was perfect. My daughter loved her quilt ..."

    I just wanted to say thank you for doing such a beautiful job on the quilt. It was perfect. My daughter loved her quilt and said it was exactly how she wanted it to look like. Thanks again!!

    Liz Reno

  • " Unbelievable! I am absolutely stunned with the quilt "

    Unbelievable! I am absolutely stunned with the quilt. The pictures of others and testimonials are so true, but words cannot describe what it looks like in person! Our principal is retiring after 43 years in education and our chorus is presenting this to her, she is going to love it!! What a perfect way for her to remember this chapter in her career. Thank you so much! I look forward to doing business again with you.

    --Chris/Alvey Elementary School

  • My son loves his quilt we gave him for graduation!

    My son loves his quilt we gave him for graduation! He can't stop looking at it and smiling. You guys did a beautiful job! We will definitely be making two more in 4 years when our twins graduate! And, no, he's not standing on a chair. He's 6'10"! The twin XL is perfect for him!
    Thank you!Krista

  • Thank you for the amazing work

    Thank you for the amazing work. These t-shirts belonged to my husband who passed away last summer. Thank you for preserving his memories. It is absolutely beautiful ❤

    Nora B.

  • Love love LOVE it!!

    The quilt is even more amazing than I expected! Thank you so much, what a wonderful keepsake for my son. Love love LOVE it!!

    Kelly W.

  • I am speechless on how beautiful they came out

    I just received my 2 quilts that I had made for my two adult kids for their Christmas presents this year. I am so pleased with am speechless on how beautiful they came out. I am showing everyone (except my kids)!!

    I looked and looked on line to find a place that could make these quilts, because I did not have the talent or time to make one myself and I just didn't want a quilt that just had the tee shirts sewn on them. The way these were made will last a lifetime if taken care of properly. Linda and team, thank you for helping to make the perfect gift for my kids!!

    Michele H.

  • You do magnificent work and we will treasure these quilts

    I could barely contain myself when the quilts arrived, and once I saw how beautiful crafted they were, I couldn’t stop the tears. I ordered the quilts for my husband, son, and niece in memory of my son, Nick, who passed away in April. Nick wore every one of these tee-shirts, and each one is a special memory. I will be giving the quilts as gifts on what would have been Nick’s 36th birthday, and I can’t wait to see their faces. You do magnificent work and we will treasure these quilts for years to come. P.S. I've already shown them to friends and co-workers and they were equally impressed! You'll be getting more orders!

    Linda C.

  • The quilt exceeded our hopes and expectations...We will treasure the quilt forever

    We just received our quilt within the week and wish to convey our sincere thanks, gratitude and appreciation for the outstanding work you did on our quilt. The quilt exceeded our hopes and expectations and really wanted to thank all those that worked on it. We wanted to have this quilt made in honor of our daughter that earned her angel wings much too soon. We know that she would truly be proud of how well the quilt turned out, as we do too. We will highly recommend your company to others. Again, Thank you so very much! We will treasure the quilt forever.

    Dana C.

  • To say that I was amazed at your artistry is an understatement

    I was excited to open the box containing my daughter's Christmas gift. To say that I was amazed at your artistry is an understatement. It is absolutely beautiful. My husband and I reminisced while looking at all 24 t-shirts, each representing a different stage of our child's life. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful keepsake.

    Lori S

  • The quilt is perfect, my choices were good, your craftsmanship is excellent.

    okay, it's long past Christmas now, and I just wanted to let you know what a hit the quilt is.  I was just one of probably hundreds of last minute shoppers and requested delivery before Christmas, which you said was likely but NOT guaranteed.  You made it, the quilt made it, my wrapping made it, Christmas morning was superb.  thanks so much for the outstanding work.  My wife has early onset of the dreaded "A" disease, and anything which makes her memory click back to happier days is such a pleasure.

    The quilt is perfect, my choices were good, your craftsmanship is excellent...thanks again for the great work.  she likes it when we talk about where the various t-shirts came from....India, Mexico, Spain, Turkey, Savannah, 30 of them, each one making her smile.
    Bob T.
  • Worth every penny!


    Just got ours back. Awesome quality. Worth every penny!

    Bob M.

  • I cried when I saw it...absolutely wonderful.

    Received my daughter's quilt, yesterday. I cried when I saw it...absolutely wonderful. T-shirts from kindergarten to 12th grade...this will be the perfect graduation gift. Thank you so much 🙂

    Wendy B.

  • It was such a great present and use of my old tshirts!

    I love my Coastal Carolina quilt! It was such a great present and use of my old tshirts!

    Shannon K.

  • ...the quality is excellent.

    Thank you for our quilt! She loved it for confirmation and the quality is excellent.

    Nicole S.

  • I was smiling ear to ear when I opened up my quilt

    I am so incredibly impressed by how wonderful a job Blue Ribbon Quilt Co. did! After graduating, I sent in all of my shirts from college, shirts that held so much sentiment to me. I was so incredibly nervous sending my shirts to a company to quilt them, but I was smiling ear to ear when I opened up my quilt. I can not thank you enough for making my sentimental shirts last a lifetime.

    Kate S.

  • The quality and workmanship is excellent!

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! for my quilt. I purchased this item for my daughter's high school graduation as a gift. We have many keepsake t-shirts from her entire childhood in this quilt. The quality and workmanship is excellent! This will be cherished forever. Brigitte

  • You are design artisans and quilters extraordinaire!

    My quilt came in the mail today and it is awesome! You are design artisans and quilters extraordinaire! You've turned cherished memories into a treasured quilt and it means so much!

    Jo B.

  • I’m so happy with the quilt!

    I just wanted to let you know that I’m so happy with the quilt! It’s even better than I expected, and I know my daughter will love it. Thanks for taking the time to create such high quality, beautiful work. Love it!
    Thanks again,
  • OMG this quilt is beyond beautiful!..something she will have forever

    OMG this quilt is beyond beautiful! You captured my daughters sorority life perfectly. It is something she will have forever. Thank You so much.

    Carolyn R.

  • It’s incredible! 

    Quilt arrived safely.  Our daughter is absolutely thrilled! It’s incredible!  Thank you!!!!  Jamie and Tom

  • Wanted to send a note to tell you how much i love it!

    I was traveling for work over the last week, so just received my quilt yesterday.  Wanted to send a note to tell you how much i love it! I especially love how thin it is -- i intend to use it as a picnic blanket, and love that it will fold up small.


  • I could not be happier with the finished product

    I received my quilt today and I just wanted to thank you and your team so much. I could not be happier with the finished product, and I was unexpectedly emotional (in the best way!) with having so many memories of my old school shirts in one format.
    You do great work. I hope you are so proud and fulfilled with making so many people happy with your craft!
  • The workmanship is excellent and colours are perfect

    Received my quilt for my husband today.  Just wanted to tell you how happy we both are.  The workmanship is excellent and colours are perfect. Thank you so very much.

    Carolyn K.
  • You have created an incredible memorial for my family.


    I received my t-shirt quilt yesterday. It is so beautiful! You really did an amazing job! I’m so happy I was able to find your website. I can’t imagine entrusting my late daughter’s precious shirts to any other company. She died two days after her 22nd birthday from a brain tumor. You have created an incredible memorial for my family. I will sing your praises. You have done quality work worth every penny. Thank you for sharing your talents. 

    Connie J.

  • THANK YOU!!!...I will be getting more done soon.

    Hi Linda and To all that worked on the our Quilt ... 
    THANK YOU!!! I can not wait to give it to my husband tonight it is perfect.. I will be getting more done soon. 
    Sincerely Lisa B. ??

Welcome to Quilt My Shirts

It’s Not A Quilt – Unless it’s Quilted!

Do you have tons of T-shirts of your kid’s sports tournaments? Or how about all those 5k and marathon race T-shirts that seem to just keep piling higher and higher in your drawers? Or are you looking for that that special graduation, anniversary, or birthday gift that will last a lifetime?

Whether they’re from sports, school, traveling, hobbies, or just quotes you love, chances are you’ve got T-shirts that you’re not quite ready to throw in the trash pile. If only there was a way to give a second life to all those T-shirts and the memories they hold. Well at, there is! We take your T-shirts and, with the highest quality craftsmanship, transform them into a keepsake T-shirt Quilt that is sure to be treasured for years to come.

Here at we can use any type of T-shirt (or jerseys, sweatshirts or regular dress shirts) to make that special quilt for any occasion.  All you need to do is send us your clean T-shirts along with the order confirmation and deposit, and in about 2 – 3 months** time, your shirts will be delivered back to you beautifully quilted into a treasured T-shirt Quilt.

If you are in the area and would like to drop your shirts off instead of mailing them, please use this appointment scheduler.  Thank you!

Schedule Appointment

Our Styles


Our economy style is great for those that have a lot of shirts but don’t want a huge quilt. The fabric in-between the blocks is left off making it a little more condensed than our other styles. Great for the budget conscious customer.


Our traditional style is our most popular. 2-1/2″ fabric sashing is inserted between the blocks. You have your choice of fabric for the sashings and the cornerstones. Very versatile, letting you design with colors any way you wish.


Our newest style is a framed block style. With the blocks cut at just 12-1/2″, this makes a great choice for collections of youth and smaller t-shirts. With framing the block, the quilt reaches the same size as our traditional style.


Our newest style is a boxed style. We take your blocks and cut them to 14-1/2″. Fabric sashing (2-1/2″) is boxed around each graphic. These quilts come out slightly larger than our traditional style. Great choice if you want it a few inches larger.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes we just recently added that to our services.  For more information click here Quilting Tops

  • Yes!  Just about any type of material that lays flat will work. But there are a few exceptions!  Below is a list of what we can and cannot use.  If you don’t see the type of shirt on this list, please feel free to contact us.


    • cotton T-shirt
    • sports jerseys  (please be aware that if you send us a tank style it will incur extra piecing charges.
    • tech type t-shirts
    • sweatshirts
    • nightgowns
    • most lightweight jackets can be used (nylon)
    • jogging pants
    • pajamas


    • cheerleading uniforms
    • dance costumes
    • heavily sequenced items
    • hats
    • knit items such as sweaters, afghans, scarves etc.
  • We do not send out emails, but all you need to do is check Orders Received page on our website.  Usually shirts received are posted within 24 hours.

  • Some customers have pre-cut their shirts thinking they could save some money on shipping them to us, only to find out that they cut them too small for us to make our normal block size. In these cases, we either have to rebuild the blocks that are too small by piecing them or cut all the blocks a smaller size which reduces the size of the quilt. We charge an additional $8.50 to piece a block, so the pre-cutting can actually end up costing you more money. If you have large to X-large shirts, adult male shirts or larger you could possibly pre-cut them but we require a minimum 16″ X 16″ block.

  • Yes, we print photos onto a soft premium cotton knit fabric. We need an electronic file such as jpg. You can read more about our photos on our options page. We charge an additional $15.00 a block per photo block.

  • When your quilt is almost ready to ship you will receive your final invoice by email. You can open your invoice in your email and pay it directly from your email. Once we have received your final balance your quilt will be shipped to you. We cannot accept any Money Orders.


  • Recently we’ve been asked this question quite a bit since some companies have recently started to claim they make T-shirt quilts. Here is my response to most of those emails.

    “YES!!!!  We do use an interfacing on the backs of these shirts.  If you’ve been shopping around on the internet, there a few sites that discourage this procedure.  The reason they discourage this is because  they simply are not selling quilts.  They are selling blankets and mis-leading customers into thinking they are quilts..  With a blanket, there is no batting in-between the layers and no need to machine quilt the layers together.  We use a soft interfacing on the backs of the shirts to stabilize the shirt for the quilting process.  This interfacing breaks down (almost dissolving) after multiple washes, leaving the quilt that much softer.  Within the last few years, quite a few new sites have popped up indicating that they make t-shirt “quilts” when in fact they are making “blankets,”   discouraging the use of interfacing which has been the standard practice for t-shirt quilts from experienced quilters for years and years.

    Because of this recent competition, I decided I would offer the same product as they were offering.  A simple quilt “blanket” made only of un-stabilized t-shirts  with a fleece backing.  I made up a sample quilt… I did not back the shirts with interfacing and put a fleece backing on it.  After I had completed it, I realized I just could not put out quality like that.  It was very, very stretchy, it felt awful.   I washed it and watched the two ply of layers shrink inconsistently leaving it very distorted.   Because of this experiment,  I decided I would not compete with this type of product.   I really feel for all the people who are getting mis-led by these companies. We are frequently getting asked if we can fix a quilt like this. Our answer is usually no.

    Please make sure you are comparing apples to apples when shopping around for a t-shirt quilt company to fill your needs.

    Their “quilt”….


    Our quality quilt!

  • You are more than welcome to send us your own fabric. The fabric must be quilters grade 100% cotton. Please refer to the chart below for yardages.  We cannot accept backing fabric but we welcome you to send your own sashing and corner block fabrics.  We will supply a backing fabric to coordinate with your fabric.  We will also deduct $20 from your total order if fabric is included.

  • We understand that shipping your memories may seem scary. However, the tracking systems used by carriers today know precisely where your package is at any time. In the 16 years we’ve been in business, we have never had a customer lose their package shipping it to us and we have never lost one shipping their quilt back.

    We also do our best to take good care of your shirts while they are in our hands. Your order is logged into our system and placed in its own separate bin. Your bin contains all the information you sent us and your order is printed out exactly how you originally entered it.  It is attached to your bin along with your name, and stored in a rack system that keeps every order separate.

    When your order is started, we review all your notes and instructions again to ensure complete accuracy.

  • Shipping costs depend on the size of the box, the weight, and the distance and area from which it is shipped from. You can’t change the area you live in, but you can use the smallest box possible.

    Pack the shirts in the box as tight as possible without overstuffing the box. Rolling the shirts, or a tight folding job, makes a huge difference on how small a box you can use.

    A box with that has extra space will most likely be crushed and subject to opening. The boxes that show up in good condition and unharmed are those that were packed nice and tight with a quality shipping tape. The boxes that show up crushed and partially opened are the oversize boxes with a sparse amount of tape.  Please do not use styrofoam peanuts! This is just a waste of money and creates a mess when it’s opened.

    Please use one large bag to put all the shirts in before you box them up. A trash bag is fine. The bag’s purpose is to keep all the shirts together should your box become crushed or opened.  Individual bags do quite the opposite. They are slick and if a box is crushed or opened, they can slide out very easily. 

    We ask that you do not ask for a confirmed signature.  We do not always work set hours and sometimes we are away during deliveries. We have video surveillance in the area where we receive packages and once the package is delivered (if we are not there) we get phone notifications.  If we need to sign for your package, that creates a delay in us receiving it because we then have to physically go to the post office and pick it up.

    If you need a signature, please use UPS. They always require a signature and they will redeliver the next day if we are not there.

  • Normally we use the side that has the largest graphic. If you want us to use both sides of the shirt, please mark the shirt with either a note pinned to it or write on painters tape and stick it on the cloth of the t-shirt – not the graphic.   Please do not use masking tape as this causes a residue hard to remove.  You also need to mark the shirt if you think we will be unsure of what side to use.  Please do NOT use Duct tape.

  • Normally we just arrange the shirts by alternating lights and darks. You may however use one of our layout grids provided here Layout Sheets or you also can simply snap a picture of the layout and include it with the shirts.  These pictures can be printed out with black and white ink or color.

  • Quilts look good when there is a balanced number of rows. For example, if you sent 20 t-shirts, the quilt would be in rows of 5 blocks x 4 blocks and this would look good. If someone sent us 23 t-shirts, we would need to add an extra graphic to bring it up to a 24 (long twin).  Quilts look best when the following number of shirts are sent:  16, 20, 24, 25, 30, 36, 42, 49.

  • Sometimes we need to build up a shirt to construct a block . A tank top is a good example or a deep V neck shirt, or if the shirts were precut too small to make a full block. We charge an additional $8.50 per block to piece the block together. We try to use the original fabric from the shirt to make it look seamless.

    If you would like to combine 2 shirts together, or possibly small pocket or sleeve logos. We can do that ! The $8.50 piecing charge per block will also apply

  • Generally it is one shirt per block, we can use  both the front and back of a shirt. We can also combine smaller graphics into one block.

    (Additional $8.50 charge per block to piece together a block)

    Cost depends on the size, the style you choose, and any other options you may choose such as Photo Blocks, Borders or Embroidery.

    Click on the Styles and Pricing page to view.


  • We will not make an entire quilt out of baby or toddler items .  Baby items such as clothing, sleepers, and bids are too small to make a block from. Toddler shirts are also too small to make a decent block size from. These items are very tedious to take apart and deconstruct to lay flat and cost prohibitive.  Each block would include the additional $8.50 piecing charge . Even though we charge this, we still feel that we can not break even from the amount of extra time it takes to construct this type quilt. We do not mind one or two items we may be able to do a simple applique onto some fabric or a baby blanket that can be cut into square blocks. Please contact us first  if you are considering sending us something along these lines

  • No, It would be impossible for us to construct and quilt it the way we do and have it perfectly aligned. When you make a quilt the back fabric is oversized and then trimmed off after the entire sandwich of a top ,batting and a back are all quilted together. You may find another company who may do it using a hand tied method, or little to no quilting at all .

  • Yes, we realize we get a lot of visitors to our wonderful coastal town of Southport and you are welcome to stop by the shop and drop off your shirts, or if you just want to chat or pet Sweet Pea our Golden Retriever that is okay also. We are normally open for customers Mon-Fri 10am-4pm. we also have a drop box next to the front door for after hours. If you would like an appointment, please contact us through the contact form on the website.

  • As for the future, your task is not to foresee it, but enable it.

    Antoine de Saint-Exupery

    Plan ahead and communicate! We are always backlogged at least 7-8 weeks and during the busy seasons of graduation and Christmas it can get to 9-12 weeks. So plan accordingly! Secondly, communicate by email , and make sure it is on your electronic order form so that we know. We can make adjustments to the work schedule this way. It also helps us stay on schedule as opposed to being bombarded with last minute request from the customers who did not plan ahead. We try to make everyone plan ahead..and communicate!