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Nothing like a quilt made out of your favorite T's.... (1)

Merriam Webster’s definition of a “Quilt”– A bed coverlet of two layers of cloth filled with batting held in place with ties or a stitched design.

Here at, we make T-shirt quilts.We do not advertise quilts and then make you a blanket, as some other t-shirt “quilt” companies are doing. Why does it matter? Blankets are stretchy and thin. They will only hold up as long as the t-shirt holds up. How many of your shirts have seen better days just from wear? A blanket will wear out just like your shirts. There is nothing in-between the shirts and the fleece backing to keep them stabilized. 

T-shirt  blankets are made by taking the stretchy t-shirts and constructing them (envelope style) with a  stretchy fleece fabric for  backing.  There is no reinforcement to stabilize these two layers.  When they are washed the 2 layers have the tendency to shrink at different percentages, resulting in a distorted throw.  They are very economical as they only take a few steps to construct, but unfortunately you will only get a few more years out of your t-shirts.

Our quilts are different.  We produce a premium, quality product.  They are made with the finest quilter-grade fabrics (Retail $11/yrd+), high-end cotton blend battings and professionally machine quilted  using state-of-the-art computerized equipment to apply patterns that are less than 2″ apart for density.   This process stabilizes all 3 layers and is the secret to your quilt lasting a lifetime. 

Bottom line…..There is a world of difference between a t-shirt blanket vs. a t-shirt quilt.  Make sure you research the differences on your own and compare apples with apples..


Competitor's "quilt."


Our Quilt.... any difference?

  • Quality is the most important thing at
  • We use 100% quilter’s grade cotton for all sashing and backing fabrics.
  • All quilts are professionally machine quilted using computerized, state-of-the art equipment.   Our patterns are less than 2″ apart in density, making them last for years to come.
  • Our quilts are NOT hand-tied.  Hand-tied quilts will not hold up to the multiple washings these quilts will undergo.
  • We use a strong non-shine clear thread for maximum durability.
  • Our battings are high-grade poly (20%)/cotton (80%) blend for the perfect weight and softness.
  • We hold a NC bedding license, assuring you the exact fiber content of the materials used will be listed on your finished product.

Bottom line – if you want them to last a lifetime, have us make you a QUILT!




Quilt My Shirts

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